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‘A Truck is a profit centre’

When you choose Renault Trucks, you buy a lot more than a truck. You can be sure that your needs have been anticipated, that your vehicle should always be on the road and on all terrains and that you should be able to make all your deliveries on time. Renault Trucks goes all out to ensure your success.


19t – 33t


40t – 100t

Engine Options

DTI 8 Euro 6 – 250/280/320 HP
DTI 11 Euro 6 – 380/430/460 HP
DTI 13 Euro 6 – 440/480/520 HP


Tractor Unit

Cab Options

Day Cab
Day & Night Cab
Sleeper Cab

For more information, please download the C Range brochure by clicking the link below or contacting our sales team by clicking here.

C Range Brochure